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The Japanese corporation YGK takes a leadership position in manufacturing of fishing monofil and multi-strand braid worldwide. It is also one of the manufacturers to produce lines and braids for other large or small companies. With this respect many Bulgarian fishermen are well familiar with the characteristics of YGK braided lines though under other brand names. If you are a fisherman and the chance to catch the fish you are looking for if one in a million, than all that matters at that point is whether you will succeed or not. YGK is producing braids and monofils, which will never mislead you in this crucial moment. YGK braided lines do not soak and this is the reason for the diameter to stay unchanged during the whole fishing trip. Each multi-braid or monofil is produced in Japan – a guarantee for quality of itself.

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YGK PE Line Real Sports...

YGK PE Line Real Sports G-soul X8 Upgrade 150m
From Price лв.45.83

YGK Real Sports G-Soul x8 Upgrade is 8 braid line of highest class and exclusive light weight. Most fishermen are well familiar with the qualities of this braided line and use is succesfully for years. All YGK lines are produced in Japan- a guarantee for quality of itself. Please refer to the chart below with corresponding Japanese sizes to millimeters.

YGK Galis Ultra Jigman WX8-...

YGK Galis Ultra Jigman WX8- 200
From Price лв.91.00

YGK Galis Ultra Jigman WX8 - 200 meters

Extremely soft and smooth YGK braided line without any memory whatsoever. In comparison with the previous JIGMAN X8 series, YGK have improved the strength with more than 20% and allow to use a slightly thinner PE line. Ofr their braids YGK use a special coloring method with a change of color every 10 meters for better visibility and ...